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At Preferred Glass & Windows, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality window repair and installation. Your window is a preview of the day ahead, so why not make it a little brighter with crystal clear, energy efficient glass?

A recent national research study polling over 1,600 real-estate agents and appraisers concluded that the value added to a home through new windows will match or exceed the cost of installation 99.2% of the time! New windows keep the cool air in during the summer and the heat in during the winter which helps you save on energy bills. They also reduce noise pollution from airplanes, machinery, and traffic. A survey found that Los Angeles County alone saved on cooling and heating costs by more than 15%.

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A few ways new windows increase your property’s value:

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The Preferred Glass & Windows team is AAMA certified and equipped to work with windows of all sizes and styles—from you kitchen’s wood clad bay window to the small window in your bathroom. We are partnered with premium brands to ensure our supplies are rock solid. Our technicians are fast and efficient, usually finishing jobs within one day. We are so confident in our team that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all installations!

We believe in being quick and economical while maintaining top quality. For that reason, we provide free estimates on all window repairs and replacements. With over 50 years of experience behind us, we are the team you want installing your new windows.

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There are a few reasons that windows can crack or begin to shatter. Understanding the cause behind a broken window can prevent problems in the future.

  • Stress Cracks: If you have large windows that are partially shaded, they may be prone to stress cracks. When part of a window is in the sunlight while another part is shaded, the differences in temperature can result in a crack. The same thing can happen when temperatures are fluctuating rapidly in a single day, which is fairly common in the desert climate of Santa Clarita.
  • Break through Impact: There is no guesswork here. If your window has crack with a circular shape or a hole, then it’s time to round up the local youngsters and start asking questions. Rocks thrown by yard maintenance tools is also a common source of this kind of break.
  • Pressure Cracks: These are less frequent than other problems. If windows have been installed incorrectly, pressure on the glass may cause them to break. This is more common in double-pane windows.


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